Meet the Maker - Poppykins

Sam, also known as the talented maker behind Poppykins, has been with Made In Kent from the beginning and, before that, was a seller with us at Made In Folkestone.  Sam makes keepsake bears, memory quilts, cushions, fabric gifts and miniature crochet.  She has such a wonderful collection of products on our website.  As a maker she was selling in both Canterbury and Ashford, but had not yet established any links or outlets in Folkestone.  Sam joined Made in Folkestone first to ensure she was visible in her hometown. 'Made in Folkestone' became 'Made in Kent' and the family got bigger!  


Sam studied Art in her younger years but never completed college as she struggled with finances, having left home at a young age.  Unfortunately, difficult situations took her away from being creative for a while, however when she had her first child, she found an opportunity and the time to try some crafts, which we’re very glad she did!  Sam has now been crafting for 18 years.  

As Folkestone has evolved over the years, so has Sam’s passion for Fabric and Textiles.  Sam has lived in Folkestone since her teenage years and has come to love the colour and creativity that it has. Other than the great creative vibe seen across Kent, she loves the the landscape, the beaches and the beautiful flora and fauna.

Amongst many other beautiful things, Sam makes Memory Quilts, which are particularly special to her.  About 11 years ago, she could not part with her daughter’s clothes and so she made her first keepsake quilt, closely followed by one with her son’s clothes.  10 years on, she treasures those quilts as her children grow and prepare to leave home for their own adventures and adores making them for other people!

For many years Poppykins was a side business of Sam's to her day job, which was office based and quite boring. Sam recently left the day job and Poppykins has become her main job and source of income, with a part time job on the side. It's very exciting and scary at the same time, but she is looking forward to making many beautiful quilts in the future. In terms of new makes from Poppykins, there will be lots coming through the next year and Sam will also be making some amazing wreaths for the Christmas Season.

Sam has started making reusable make up remover pads, these have gone down really well in shops, and she hopes to add some to the website soon. Sam is also looking to get back to repurposing denim for some of her projects in the coming year.

We are so pleased that Sam is a seller with us at Made In Kent and we love the playful crocheted items she makes, her quirky cushions and the love, time and care that she puts into the memory bears and blankets that she creates.  Sam's products would make amazing gifts or something special to treasure for family and friends or yourself!  




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